I’ve heard horror stories about friends and family dealing with unlicensed contractors, is Task-Pros LLC Licensed & Insured?

Absolutely! We are currently a fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded General Contractor with a Dual Residential/Commercial license the the the Arizona Register of Contractors. ROC License #296233 (KB-02). Along with being fully licensed ourselves any and all subcontractors employed by Task-Pros are also required to hold proper licensing and insurance.

Will I need to move out during the renovation?

While construction is much easier and cost effective with a home being vacant throughout a rennovation, we pride ourselves in the ability to adapt to each and every clients individual needs.

Do I have to be present during the completion of the work?

Part of choosing Task-Pros to handle your project means you get a dedicated and professional team to handle every aspect of the job. In certain circumstances we do ask for our clients presence, however typically once we hammer out the details you get to turn it over to us until completion.

How does the billing process work?

Unlike many other contracting company’s where often times the guy doing the work also handles the billing and office tasks, at Task-Pros we have a dedicated office staff that handles all of our billing and office related questions Mon-Fri 9am to 3pm. the typical job requires a deposit of 30% or more to start & then bills based on completed work.

Do I get a warranty? If so, what does it cover?

Every job is subject to a 2 year limited workmanship warranty on any and all work contracted to Task-Pros, this covers all workmanship related issues such as improper installation. If subcontractors are used Task-Pros will act as a middle man in ensuring these issues are resolved. All material defects would be felt with directly with the manufacturer.

How long can I expect my project to take?

While every job is different from the next, we have projects that are completed in under a day all the way to over a year. Please contact our office @ 480-388-2986 for a free consultation on what to expect for your specific project.

Will Task-Pros assist in the selection of material installation?

Yes! Clients are more then welcome to set up a design consultation with our office where we will get a general idea on what you are looking for prior to meeting, and then provide you with samples from our wide variety of local and national vendors.